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Username regiooaksartist
Joined Jul 10, 2009
Location: Alabama
Email and/or Blog: j0s3phnr3gina@aol.com, southernooaks@aol.com
Interests: my family, nature, art, finding new adventures where ever they lead me.
Occupation: Dollmaker and OOAKS artist, owner of Southern OOAKS
Biography: I am a self taught artist with a long line of artist before me....going as far back as my great grandmother. I started making paper dolls with my grandfather when I was very young...drawing them and then designing their clothes. My mom let me use her sewing machine at around age 10-12 and that opened up a whole new world of making my dolls and designs. I have so many loves in my artistic life....dollmaking, jewelry making, needle felting, drawing and writing and when I can combine any or all in one doll then I am at my happiness. If I can bring even one smile to a person from seeing one of my OOAKS then I feel I have accomplished something. I feel so blessed to be one of the quirky ones...to see what others fail to see...to see all the magic and wonder that surrounds us and then to be able to share it.
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07/13/09 at 14:37so cute!!!